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GinaMia's baked goods are prepared with the finest local and organic ingredients. We have an array of selections that fit everyone's needs. Whether you're looking for traditional pastry prepared with grass fed butter, vegan, gluten free, or paleo friendly - we have something for you.

None of our baked items contain:


Hydrogenated Oils

Refined Sugar

Artificial Colors or Ingredients

Additives or Fillers

Each and every baked good is handcrafted (artisan), baked in small batches, right from the heart.  For pricing info & sampling please contact Chef Gina


We deliver daily to various coffee shops, restaurants, and markets around the Los Angeles and Orange County region.

Whether you're looking for baked goods to add to your craft services selection on film & TV studio sets, on location sets, business offices . . . we will deliver our product to you promptly and wherever needed.

For those interested in adding to your menu in your restaurant, coffee shop, hotel & resorts, we have been asked to provide many different pastries throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County region.  Contact us today for a sampling. We would love to provide our baked goods to your establishments.


We have always offered prepackaged items for our vendors. 

Baked items we prepackage:

cookies, cupcakes, snack bars, granola, muffins, mini loaves and cake slices.

We follow all CDC guidelines in regards to COVID-19.

We understand that in order to provide our baked items to business offices, film & TV sets, resorts, markets - our products need to be packaged in a safe and sterile environment.

We make sure we are wearing gloves and face masks throughout the preparation and packaging of our baked items for standard and precautionary purposes. Each and every baked item is handled with care and delivered safely to their destination.

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