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It all began when I was a young girl, observing my parents baking homemade bread every weekend and preparing dinners for family and friends.  The hit was always Pine Nut Pasta with a side of Focaccia & Salad.  I would often bake during the weekends.  My baking consisted of English Shortbread cookies, Blueberry Muffins, Banana Breads, Pancakes, Pizzelles and Cannolis to name a few.  I would bake items to bring to family and friends for special occasions and holidays.  I love preparing food for others,  especially surprising friends with new baked items I'm testing in the bakery.  Giving for no reason at all but out of love is something so dear to my heart.  I never tire of the surprised and excited look from those who aren't expecting a present that day.  The joy of creating and experimenting is something I absolutely love - ultimately creating food items that are not only delicious but healthier options as well that you wouldn't even realize by tasting.  Pure ingredients are important to me - living a healthy lifestyle with a treat here and there. I continue to give back to the community and my goal is to inspire others to always choose to give - even if it's just a smile.

Love often, be blessed,

never. stop. dreaming.

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GinaMia's is owned and operated by Gina Marie Fletcher, a culinary graduate from the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of California.  Gina, graduated in 2013 with honors and has devoted her life to the culinary arts.  Not a day goes by where Gina is not creating something new in her kitchen.  Gina's past culinary experience includes working at the Disneyland Resort under the mentorship and direction of top Napa Rose/Resort chefs including, Chef Bill Orton, Chef Chris Faulkner, Chef Andrew Sutton, Chef Gloria Tae, & Chef Oscar Martinez.  Gina's passion for cooking began as a young child where Gina prepared complete dinners for family friends independently at the age of 8.  Her knowledge stemmed from family recipes, cooking with her parents, and watching the Food Network.  "30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray" was and still is one of her favorites!  Gina strives on eating well and promoting health and wellness.  GinaMia's mission statement is "Who Eat Well, Live Well".  Quality is of the utmost importance to Gina and you'll find that all of GinaMia's food items are prepared with lots of love.

   When Gina's not in the kitchen, she is also a drummer!

Stay up-to-date with our website as our bakery grows into something wonderful!


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   Quality is of the utmost importance at GinaMia's.  We use the finest ingredients as organic and local as possible.  All of GinaMia's baked goods are artisan, meaning each item is handcrafted, unique and prepared with love in small batches!  You will notice our menu contains a variety of food options for those with specific dietary needs.


   Our delicious "Artisan Focaccia Selection" will bring you to Italy and back.  With freshly prepared dough, Italian herbs, as local & organic as possible ingredients - the aroma alone will bring Italy to your kitchen!


   Our artisan cookies are truly a memorable experience. Each cookie is handcrafted and hand dipped in rich dark chocolate to perfection.  For the chocolate lovers, "Pecan Florentines" will be your next favorite.  A caramlized-toffee wafer sandwiched together and filled with pecans, dark chocolate & coated with more dark chocolate.

   For those who love almonds, try our "Almond Amaretti" Cookies.  These chewy delights are perfect plain and absolutely divine dipped in dark chocolate.  A compliment to your cuppacino/espresso/herbal tea.

   The two cookies mentioned above just so happen to be gluten free & vegan - but are a favorite to all, and will soon be your favorite too!  You will find them in our popular "Ultimate Cookie Assortments" which may be purchased as a gift in a tin or platter for your next special event! Our Ultimate Cookie Assortments consist of our favourited cookies. They are sold in our golden tins that are perfect to keep as a keepsake or; refill them with your homemade delights and pass on to your family & friends! Let the giving continue.

From our kitchen to yours.


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faith. family. love. eat.

fede. familigia. amore. mangiare.

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